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Finally, an Asphalt Roofing Solution That Positively
Impacts Your Budget, Occupants and the Environment

With occupancy and budgets negatively affected by the COVID economy, property managers need to do more with less. Of course, proper maintenance is the strategy proven to save property value and money. Unfortunately, until now, there has NOT been a way to properly maintain asphalt shingles. That has all changed with Greener Shingles, a breakthrough USDA Biobased spray that maximizes the life of asphalt shingle roofs.

Extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof by 5 to 15 years, GUARANTEED!

Greener Shingles is a lab-proven, proprietary, plant-based spray treatment that restores essential oils, significantly improving shingle adhesion, flexibility, waterproofing, fire-resistance, appearance, and durability. The certified and insured service includes FREE roof and gutter inspection and clearing, algae treatment, and minor repairs. It is quick, clean, quiet, completely safe, and extremely cost-effective, saving you up to 85% over the cost of roof replacement. 

•    DEFER costly roof replacement for up to 15 YEARS!
•    AVOID construction mess, occupant disruption and landfill waste!
•    PROTECT your property, plantings and the planet! 
•    IMPROVE shingle performance and appearance in 1 DAY!

Discover for yourself how property managers across the country are significantly reducing their property maintenance budgets with Greener Shingles, now available in Southeastern Michigan exclusively through MI Roof Renewal. Check out these short videos and presentation to see how quickly and easily you can protect the roof that protects your property and profits!

Contact us at 248-487-9300 or other method listed below, to arrange a free professional inspection and estimate. Save an additional 20% on large and multiple projects, and get preferred scheduling today.

Moravian Meadows Condominiums

MI Roof Renewal used Greener Shingles in the world's largest multifamily roof rejuvenation project.

  • 240 condo units

  • 600k ft2 of total roofing 

  • $2 million savings over replacement

  • eliminated shingle blow-offs

  • restored like-new appearance

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