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Dollar Notes

The BEST Value in Roofing!

As consumers, we're used to investing in the maintenance of our cars, our yards, HVAC equipment, etc... but roofs are often neglected until it's too late. In fact, neglected roofs are the #1 cause of leaks, water damage, and resulting homeowner's insurance claims.

MI Roof Renewal offers an affordable investment in your existing roof and an incredible value vs. replacement!  MI Roof Renewal will save you as much as 85% of the cost to replace your roof and comes with a 5 year transferable warranty.   

Save Money! Lots Of It!


  • In Michigan, the average cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof is over $5.00 per square foot (ft2). 

  • If your roof is 2500 ft2, the cost to replace would be about $12,500. MI Roof Renewal saves you as much as $10,625 or 85% of that cost! 

  • And we can apply the roof treatment up to 3 times over 15 years.  Even after 3 applications, you still save 75% or more vs. installing a new roof that could need replacing again after 15 years.

Contact us today for a free quote, customized for your property:

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