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Greetings property managers! 

My name is Scott Bates. I am a former US soldier and medic, fire captain, and service dog trainer. For 25 years, I have been a professional home inspector.


Here I am on my first RoofRestor rejuvenated roof. Check out below what I learned about this amazing product and see why I am so excited to join the team at MI Roof Renewal.

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My RoofRestor Story

Recently, I conducted a roof inspection before and after a new spray treatment was applied to an asphalt shingle roof that was starting to show signs of aging and was at high risk for storm damage. I’ve been a property inspector for 25 years and have never been so impressed with a new product.


RoofRestor Shingle Rejuvenator is a USDA Biobased soybean oil spray that replaces lost asphalt oils in older shingles, restoring their functionality, adhesion, appearance, waterproofing, and fire-resistance. It extends roof life by 5+ years – guaranteed, at a cost savings of 85% over roof replacement.


I was so impressed with the treatment results and with MI Roof Renewal, the area’s exclusive certified dealer and a HomeAdvisor Elite 5-Star Pro, that I had them spray my roof, and have joined their team to promote this highly cost-effective breakthrough in shingle roof maintenance...


How often is it that property maintenance gets easier, faster, and cheaper?


Before now, there has been NO way to effectively maintain aging asphalt shingle roofs, because no product could restore the lost asphalt oils essential for proper shingle functionality. The only option was to wait for obvious signs of damage and then wait for a busy contractor to complete an expensive, dirty, and disruptive roof replacement.

A roof maintenance option that will positively impact your budget, your tenants and your time!


RoofRestor is a lab-proven, proprietary, USDA Biobased spray treatment, made in the USA, that restores essential oils, significantly improving shingle adhesion, flexibility, waterproofing, fire-resistance, appearance, and durability. MI Roof Renewal’s certified and insured application service includes FREE roof and gutter inspection and cleaning, algae/moss suppression, and minor repairs. It is quick, clean, quiet, completely safe, and extremely cost-effective, saving as much as 85% over the cost of roof replacement.

Why replace the entire roof when you can just replace lost asphalt oil?


An asphalt shingle roof is made up of several layers, including asphalt oils and limestone fillers that are lost over time to sun, rain, and algae growth. Roof replacement replaces the shingles and all the layers down to the decking. Usually, the shingles and sublayers are intact and replacing them is unnecessary. Premature roof replacement produces several tons of needless waste that is scraped off your roof and sent to the landfill.

As you contemplate replacement of your aging roofs, I hope you will consider MI Roof Renewal. Their application of RoofRestor to your roof will:


  • DEFER costly and disruptive roof replacement.

  • AVOID construction mess and landfill waste.

  • PROTECT your property, plants, and planet.

  • IMPROVE shingle performance and appearance in 1 day.

  • Extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof by 5 to 15 years, GUARANTEED.


I would be happy to provide a free on-site inspection of your aging roof(s) and provide my professional opinion whether you need maintenance or replacement. MI Roof Renewal will even provide a free pilot/demo for large projects, so you can see for yourself how quickly and easily RoofRestor can protect the roof that protects your property.


Scott Bates

B-Aware Home Inspection

P.S. For more information, please download our PowerPoint Presentation and visit


I'm always looking for roofs to inspect and restore.  

Let's connect.


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