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Greener Shingles was founded in 2017 by Bruce Robinson. After spending more than 30 years in the paving industry and 15 years of rejvenating asphalt roads, parking lots and highways, Bruce decided to adapt this revolutionary product for asphalt shingles.


Bruce and his small hardworking team are transparent, easy going and have been setting up successful Greener Shingles dealers all over North America. Greener Shingle's goal is to help home owners get more life out of their shingles and keep them on their roofs and out of the landfills. 


Bruce Robinson

After 15 years of rejuvenating asphalt roadways, Bruce decided to take the same approach to rejuvenating asphalt shingles with an environmentally safe, bio- based rejuvenator that is helping homeowners extend the life of their shingles an additional 5-15 years.

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